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The Revision of the Swiss Chemicals Ordinance


Dag Kappes

The Swiss Chemicals Ordinance will be revised, amending mainly two issues: Currently, the Chemicals Ordinance requires labelling of certain chemicals in at least two official languages. In consequence, products are legally on the market namely in the Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland not being labelled in Italian. With the planned revision, the language of the place of supply will be decisive for the labelling of all chemicals including biocides, fertilisers and plant protection products. Furthermore, manufacturers and importers have to notify new substances, which are not listed on a static existing substances list, by submitting a data set to the notification authority before placing them on the market. In future, all substances not registered in the EU, but placed on the market in Switzerland will be subject to notification. The public consultation on this revision project is open until 16 July 2021.

Dr. rer. nat. Dag Kappes, Dipl. Chem. is a scientific adviser in the REACH and Risk Management Section of the Chemical Products Division of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). He is responsible for updating the Chemicals Ordinance. The author presents his personal opinion here. For correspondence: <>


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