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Global Data Sharing: Requirements from Chemical Regulation

Maren Rectanus, Doris Peters

DOI https://doi.org/10.21552/icrl/2019/2/6

In this article on the increasing importance of global data sharing, we focus on the development of international chemical control legislations. Many countries and regions around the world have recently implemented chemical control legislations, which are often harmonized with EU-REACH. Therefore, it has not only become possible, but even necessary to organize data sharing, which is already performed within REACH consortia and Letter of Access management, also on a global level. We examine the opportunities and risks of global data sharing. Additionally, we look at how global data sharing will look like and how it is performed in practice. There are important advantages of global data sharing such as reducing costs and reduced animal testing as well as avoiding conflicting data. However, there is a high demand for efficient administration and strong cooperation amongst all stakeholders.

Maren Rectanus is Project Manager at Consortia Management GmbH. For Correspondence: <mailto:rectanus@consortia-management.com> Doris Peters is Managing Director at Consortia Management GmbH, For Correspondence: <mailto:peters@consortia-management.com>.


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