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Volume 6 (2023), Issue 1

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1/2023 (Vol. 6) open-access


Editorial open-access

Dieter Drohmann

Page 1 - 2


Global Regulations Around PFAS: The Past, the Present and the Future open-access

Tiffany Thomas, Adel Malek, Jude Arokianathar, Elie Haddad, Joanna Matthew

Page 3 - 17

Developments in Fluoropolymer Manufacturing Technology to Remove Intentional Use of PFAS as Polymerization Aids open-access

Bruno Ameduri, Jaime Sales and Michael Schlipf

Page 18 - 28

Critical Use of Fluoropolymers in the Functioning of Modern Society open-access

Jaime Sales, Michael Schlipf, Deepak Kapoor

Page 29 - 36

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